Last night I got into a discussion with another tweeter about blog comments. I may have misunderstood her but think she may have been having a swipe at me for my moderating comments on this blog.  Let me explain to you why I do this and how the comments approval admin works:

Settings can be changed to allow every comment, no comments at all, moderated in advance comments and moderating a first-comment author.

I chose to moderate a first comment.. usually you can get an idea of the agenda behind the comment and if it is non-libellous, abusive etc then I am happy to approve the author.  All further comments from that author are automatically approved and by-pass my watchful eye..  ( I can remove / edit them if I wish to tho )

The reason for my chosing that system on my blog is mostly due to the comments I saw added to the “Guido Expose” about me.  The “comments” were vicious, unfounded, libellous etc .. although some were extremely funny too “not sure this isn’t a wind up” “not sure that is even a woman” being two concurrent ones that made me smile on what can only be described as an awful day.

There are some people who add comments anonymously, often they make several comments in a row, each time changing their name so that it appears as though more than one person has a similar view. This happens a lot.   They tend to  use an “anonymiser” to disguise their IP address.  These people will ALWAYS get caught in my comments moderation section as they appear to be “new” commentators. 

So, in a nut-shell… if you would like to comment on my blog, you are VERY welcome.. however, if you wish to do so in order to libel or abuse others, feel free to bugger off : )


  1. How to you prop your head up with sticks or pillows???

    • Not sure why you have left this comment on this particular page.. however, I prop my head up with pillows when I am sitting and my hand if I am walking/standing. HC

  2. I’ve been hurt by comments about me and I’ve also worried that these comments have a bad effect on other people who share the same medical condition as me. I reckon we need rules to ensure freedom of speech for all, especially in an online environment where we can’t see each other’s body language.

    I intensely dislike the phrase “freedom of speech means freedom to abuse” because I’ve seen how people can be wounded by words. I’ve also seen how hate speech can lead to other forms of aggression.

    Language is such a great thing. By all means use it to agree and disagree but we don’t need to knock the crap out of each other.

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