Health and Disability..

This page is all about Health and Disability. I’d like my main blog space to go back to how it was before you all found out that I’m ill!  So, my personal disability and health posts will be kept here from now on, leaving the main page for general silliness and pops at current affairs.

I started a new blog today (15th Oct 2010) called “Shout About It”. It is a platform for disability and invisible illness issues, all potential contributors are invited to send their stories or suggestions to  for inclusion.

My posts..

I have a secret..                   post about mobility aids by Ms Cushion

But, you look so well…     post on invisible illness by Ms Cushion

Disability awareness  post on MS & benefit claiming by @HCAuctionsUK


  1. I spent an entire year in hospital with Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Now a full time wheelchair based pavement tester I’d like to contribute to your Blog.(I also have a wordpress Blog} Regards.

  2. As to invisible disabilities the most debilitating of all (and I think most common) is depression in all its clinical forms.

    If I as a very long term sufferer can bring myself to write about it I will if you wish but I make no promises.


    Dee Jay

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