You want to know about me? You sure?

Ok then, if you insist… Gobby 40 year old with chronic arthritis and a desire to right the wrongs of this world.. I hate injustice, bullying and people who take advantage.

All my views are my own and athough I lean to the left it doesnt matter which side you’re on, if you ‘re wrong I ll call you out on it! 

I am SO proud and grateful to my friends on Twitter for voting for me in the  Golden Twits 2010 competition.  I was awarded two prizes for my pictures and as a private individual : ) 

I love Twitter, it is my joy.  I love words, making a perfectly crafted tweet makes my day.  Every month I make new avatars to entertain my “Twiends” with, often by request. If there’s a trending topic, I ll do my best to accomodate that….  (Eurovision/World Cup etc)

This is a video I made as an unscripted  audition piece for Channel 4, who are currently looking for disabled presenters..  I know the editing/content/presenter is rubbish but I hope you like it anyway 🙂

Dont suppose you want to see the Bloopers video…..?! 



  1. One of the best bl**s I’ve read in a long time – but I prefer the word “Journal”, sounds less insanitary!

  2. I just want your body, so shall i spare you the flannel? xxx

  3. Humph, you are a social-media legend! If Channel 4 don’t pick you up, they will be missing a trick, and the wider public will be missing out 🙂

  4. Brilliant work Chica. Good luck.

  5. Wonderful 🙂 Come on C4 take Humph on NOW!!!

  6. I even turned off Dame Joan Sutherland for you and it was worth it! It was an absolute delight to sort of meet you outside twitter and thoroughly enjoyed your video.
    Good luck with it. :-)) x

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John Turner, Humphrey Cushion. Humphrey Cushion said: #TwitwatchUK desperately need your help.. #Video #HumphTheNumpty *hides* […]

  8. Brilliant Humph!! 🙂

  9. Ahh, i absolutely *love* you Humph!! (‘: xxx

  10. SWEETHEART, I think I am going to love following you , I hope this will be reciprocated, because as 64 year old lady who also has to cope with daily joint pains, and by the sounds if it we hae lived very ful lives

    I have lived in 4 different countries for longish periods of time,and travelled a good deal.

    I am very attracted to intelligent, vocal people, who are caring and compassionate and who have a sense of the ridiculous, and can laugh at themselves before anyone else does. However being out going and bubbly sometimes annoys the carmudgenly people who would rather bring happy people down, than add hope and light to this tortured world

  11. there is ALWAYS something new to discover . . . . 🙂

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