(I made this video to one of my favourite tracks to show some of the other photos that didnt make it to “Avatar” status, along with some that did)

I love making avatars for Twitter. It started after our hairdresser came to “do” us all, leaving a heap of hair on the kitchen floor.  I was having a really bad day with my health, had some bad news on that front and had been crying on and off all day so a haircut was a welcome distraction. The hairdresser left and I proceeded to sweep up the mass of discarded hair, scooping up a big handful and sticking in down my top to make the kids laugh….

Which led to my first daft avatar which I named on my computer “pissed off” although she was renamed along the way….

"Pissed Off"

"Pissed Off"

Shortly after this came the Eurovison.. http://mshumphreycushion.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-splenditious-avatars-for-eurovision.html

The rest is history..


  1. mad bugger 🙂 lovit xx

  2. can I have Miss Romania’s phone number please? I want to do things to her

  3. ahh the camera loves you Humph 🙂

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