This weekend I started thinking about Valentine’s day and the love songs that have touched my life and these lyrics popped into my head.  They remind me of my father as he loved this song by John Denver ” And some say love is holding on – And some say letting go – And some say love is everything – And some say they don’t know… ” taken from “Perhaps Love” which is below.  So I thought I’d blog my top 10 and write a little about the songs, I hope you like it,  sorry there are so many of them, if you stop reading now I’ll never know!   ; )

1. Kisses for me – Brotherhood of man This one is the first song I can remember!  It was sung for me in the 90’s by the band when they played a gig in Aylesbury : )

2.  Save a Prayer – Duran Duran I used to rollerskate to this on a Sunday afternoon in Luton.  That’s where I met the first boy I kissed, his name was Paul. I have been surrounded by Paul’s ever since!]

3.  Culture Club – Victims – Not many people seem to remember this.. It was one of the first single’s I bought and came with a large blue poster of Boy George looking beautiful.

4. A Song For Whoever – The Beautiful South – I loved this song, it was so refreshing!

5. Through the Barricades – Spandau Ballet – I fell head over heels in love to this song, sung by my ex-husband the first time I saw his band playing in our local.  As it turned out, we did have a few barricades to deal with before we could get married!

6. Tim McGraw –  Dont Take The Girl – This is a heart-breaking song, which goes beautifully with the song below ; )

7. Otis Lee Crenshaw – Just Dont Hurt Me –  You have to watch it after the one above to truly understand it ; )

8. Flight of the Conchords – If You’re Into It –  While we are in a silly mood.. I only discovered this fantastic song recently when it was tweeted to me 😀 😀

9. John Denver & Placido Domingo  – Perhaps Love –  Simply lovely, for my Dad x

Number 10 has been removed from youtube, much to my disappointment.. Again, a new song for me, tweeted a few months ago which, along with the tweeter has been in my head ever since.. It is a simply stunning track and it’s rather smutty too ; )    Leonard Cohen’s ” Light as the Breeze”  performed by Billy Joel. ” See if you can guess what it’s about ; )

Big thanks to @ivanjelical for getting me the track!


Now I’ve finished my top 10, I keep thinking of other artists and tracks.. too many to mention without boring the pants off you so I’ll shut up and leave it here.  Happy Valentine’s Day xx

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