UKIPping me? Facts not fear!

Many adults in Mid Beds may be taken in by the UKIP party lines but not it seems, the youth. The picturesque village of Ampthill were *lucky* enough to play host to UKIP PPC Nigel Wickens yesterday. Mr Wickens, who I recently met, is a very charismatic and eloquent man so naturally I’m scared stiff he’ll pick up a lot of votes here in Mid Beds. Therefore, I was very relieved to see this lively, youth demonstration in my Facebook feed this morning. Setting themselves up in opposition to Nigel on the other side of town, the kids are reported to have had fun, been polite and got their message across. They even had a wave at Conservative PPC Nadine Dorries who drove by in her self-titled “Nad-Mobile”.

An eye-witness and local shop owner said “ukip were one side of town the kids were the other.. the heckling ukip were getting by members of the passing public was hilarious…. the kids were very very grown up and just did their bit but didn’t heckle”.

Tomorrow is the last day you can register to vote. PLEASE use your voice, even if like us you live in what is considered a “safe seat”. The 2010 election saw over 21,000 registered Mid Beds voters fail to use their voice. What a difference they could have made if only they felt their vote mattered. Don’t believe the propaganda, there really is no such thing as a safe seat!

Register now:

Facts not fear!

Facts not fear!

Vote for us not to vote! #UKIP

So, just saw this new UKIP poster whilst driving to Bedford. (This whole euro campaign is becoming something of a farce with their use of staff pretending to be “ordinary British people” and even immigrants to promote their anti-immigration views).



Anyway, I digress. UKIP say 75% of our (British) laws are now made in Brussels. They think that’s a bad thing. After all, who wants transparency, fairness, human rights etc anyway…? Ok. So, their answer to this is  “Vote UKIP 22nd May” in the European elections. Hmm, so – they don’t like laws made in Brussels, which is why we must vote to give them voting power in Brussels, by giving them *more* MEPs.

Ah but our MEPs (classed the laziest political party in the whole of Europe) don’t vote (say UKIP in response).

So, what they’re *really* asking for in these posters is for us to financially support their MEPs to the tune of almost £1million over 5 years – £6500 per month, per MEP PLUS expenses, office, travel and food/hotel allowances and in return, we get a big, fat ZERO.   Hell yeah, I’m up for that – where do I sign? 



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