Dress to the left… #Lefties

Now the run-up to the 2015 general election is hotting up, I keep seeing digs on Twitter about “Lefties” so I started thinking, what exactly is a Leftie?  In the “old days” of course, a Leftie was a person who is left-handed. There is even an annual Left Handers Day on 13th August to celebrate being one of the special 10% .  On Twitter however it is used to describe/deride those who hang to the left. Politically of course.

A quick search show this particularly nasty example of how one tweeter sees “Lefties”. 


So what makes a Leftie a Leftie and why would that be a bad thing?

In my experience a Lefties are kind, generous, will fight for the vulnerable, join together to make positive changes and are an all round “good eggs”. So why are we seen by “the right” as a bad thing? Surely Lefties are exactly what David Cameron wanted for his “Big Society” push? The volunteers, selflessly giving up their spare time and very often their money to keep community organisations and charities going following government cuts to their funding? 

Why do “the right” find us so threatening and seek to undermine us at every opportunity? It seems to me that being brought up in privileged worlds where they have never had to “make-do”, scrimp, save or fight just to have an equal chance makes it simply impossible to comprehend that people really can be and are this good. 

Interesting article about the decline in Conservative party membership numbers since David Cameron came to power. Another showing that UKIP membership raised more money last year than membership of the Conservatives. 

Anyway, they are todays musings. If you would like to join us (approx) 190,000 “Lefties” and make a real difference to your community/family/the World rather than just helping yourself and your cronies – you can join the Labour Party here  🙂 

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