Couldn’t have put it better myself… #Dorries

So I didn’t.. I was sent this today to share with you –  an email written to the Mid Beds Conservatives in regard to our AWOL “Member”, Nadine Dorries..

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I am absolutely appalled by the news that Nadine Dorries has seen fit to abandon her constituency to further her own media profile by appearing on the current series of I’m a Celebrity. I do not think this is a fitting activity for a serving MP. Particularly in the present climate when so many of her constituents are struggling to find work and make ends meet. For her to swan off to Australia – whether or not it is Parliamentary half-term – and to claim that she can continue to represent us while doing so, is at best breathtakingly arrogant and at worst downright insulting. Is she really so naive as to think the show will be edited in any way as to be representative of her views? Does she really think this is the best way to serve the people of this constituency? This seems to me to be nothing more than another example of shameless self-promotion.

I am not a Conservative party member, I did not vote for Nadine Dorries. I am, however, one of her constituents and expected better. I hope you will recognise that this is an abject dereliction of her duty as our MP and move to deselect her.

Yours in disgust”


Another via “Mr @Quinsjim”

Dear Sirs,

I am neither a Conservative voter or supporter, but I am a constituent of Mrs Dorries’ 

You will understand by bewilderment, anger and dismay to discover that she has absented herself from her responsibilities here within the constituency to take part in a tacky gameshow.

There can be no excuse for our elected representative to behave this way, seemingly failing even to ensure that adequate cover for her absence was provided by the other local members of parliament.

Unfortunately, as the right to recall has not yet been taken through parliament, the ability to remove a failing MP has not yet fallen to the electors of a constituency, and the ability to effectively terminate the contract of an errant MP lies with the local associations or constituency parties.

I therefore write to ask that you consider the damage that Mrs Dorries does to Bedfordshire, Parliament and, it must be said, the Conservative Party.  I believe that no other sanction but deselection would be appropriate and I urge you to consider it, identify an honourable local Conservative to stand for election – which I feel sure they would be successful in and allow the people of Mid Bedfordshire to enjoy real representation again without the vacuous razzmatazz that has surrounded the current incumbent

Yours Faithfully



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