Just reading back some of my blog posts from last year and remembered that I had such high hopes for 2011.  In many ways it was a great year, I got my new job, one foot fixed and moved into a cheaper rental house (albeit in an area I hate).  I also had a few disasters, mostly my own fault as I decided to say “YES” to every opportunity that came my way.. fortunately nobody offered me a donkey (which may have been preferable to the marriage proposal tbh) .  This year I shall resolve to say “I’ll think about it”, which may lead to a duller year but might save a lot of agro! 

2011 saw the continuation of our beloved Coalition government, Margaret Thatcher adorning every bus in the South East and record youth unemployment, one would think there was a link.. 

My predictions for 2012 include a new Hollywood blockbuster “Mama Mia, the Ironing Lady” in which Meryl Streep plays an 80’s singing char-woman tasked with house-keeping at No.10. Adele will top the charts with an up-beat jive number, Katy Price & Kerry Katona will join together in a civil ceremony, Nick Clegg will find his conscience and split the Coalition and Delia Smith, along with the Pogues frontman Shane Macgowan reveal the secret to their shiny white teeth is brushing thrice daily with gerbil urine. Ok, that was perhaps a bit silly, Nick Clegg doesnt have a conscience #mybad

Enough rambling from me, here’s to a more thoughtful, less spontaneous but hopefully bloody fantastic 2012 ! 

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