Dying for a fag…

Smoking in cars should be banned. 

Today the BMA have called for smoking in cars to be outlawed due to the effect 2nd hand smoke can have on passengers, particularly children.  I absolutely applaud this, even though it will cause massive outrage to smokers who already have chips on their shoulders as large as the tar on their lungs, over the public spaces ban. 

Ms Cushion would love to see smoking made illegal whilst driving in particular, also ban other distractions like putting on lipstick, eating, kids, changing radio channels after some selfish git someone else drove your car, drinking hot drinks and using mobiles.  What, mobile use already banned, who knew? 

I used to smoke.  I used to open new cigarette packets, light them, drop them, frantically search for lit ones on the floor of my car and nearly crash as a result.  How many of us have thrown a lit ciggie out of the drivers window, only for it to come back in the passenger’s window behind?  Whilst smoking in cars is dangerous to passengers health, it is also dangerous to the driver and other road users.. which is why I support the ban.

RIP Deborah Lawson



  1. On the other side of the coin, it creates a situation where the 99.99% of us that are intelligent enough to a) spark up whilst not moving, b) pull over is a cig is dropped (or better yet, not drop cigs), c) use our ashtrays, are suddenly being criminalised and risk losing our driving licenses because of a few idiots that don’t realise that hurtling a 1 tonne piece of metal along the street *might require a bit of concentration*.

    By all means ban smoking whilst children are in the car (they have no choice other than to sit in that car), but why should any responsible adult be told they can’t be trusted to hold a cig between 2 fingers for 5 minutes without dropping it? And yes, I have dropped a cig whilst driving once. You know what I did? I pulled over and sorted it. Job done.

    • I would question your 99.99% tbh and what if you were unable to safely pull over for several minutes? There are so many distractions when driving, I think we as a nation are extremely complacent when it comes to our motoring habits. We seem to forget we are operating fast & heavy machinery…

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