The Strong hArm Of The Law… #Dorries

On the 12 of July 2010  Nadine Dorries wrote to Gillian Parker (then Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police), complaining about “a huge volume of internet attack” and asking for help.  The “attack” amounted to tweets & blog posts that she declared had been going on ” for a number of years by three individuals”, one of whom she stated as being me. 

I first heard of Nadine Dorries when I moved into her Mid Beds constituency during August 2009.  I opened my first twitter account in December 2009 and made my first tweet about Nadine just before the May 2010 election.  During May 2010 I wrote 9 blog posts in total,  5 of which were about  Nadine Dorries following the now infamous “Flitwick Hustings” and general election.    23rd May 2010  18th May 2010  (this is the letter Nadine sent to all  new MPs, trying to garner support for unseating John Bercow as Speaker, in which she includes her mobile phone number*)  Link to more video footage of the Flitwick Hustings. 9th May 2010  6th May 2010  Fliiiitwick Hustings.  May 2010. Letters about Flitwick Hustings, unprinted by Beds On Sunday.  

Of my 5 posts in June, none include Dorries. Of my 8 posts in July, not one is about Nadine Dorries. I wrote 7 posts during August,  none about Dorries.  In September I wrote one in support of Tim Ireland which brought the wrath of Nadine upon my head. During the whole of September I wrote 9 blog posts, 3 (inc the T.Ireland one) were about Nadine Dorries.  Wow I was busy in October, writing 19 posts..  7 were on Dorries.  In November, out of 11 posts, one was about Nadine.  December 10 blogs, none about Nadine.  January 2011 14 posts, one in regard to Nadine  (This post is more about Mrs Butler and her treatment by the press, Mrs Butler being the woman who’s husband left her for Nadine and who has subsequently left Nadine… ) . 

11 posts in February, 0 on Dorries. 3 in March (started new job so too busy to blog!) 1 in April, 2011.  Since then I havent had the time  nor computer access to blog sadly and I miss it!

Sorry if all that was a tad dull, best to lay down the facts methinks (something Nadine Dorries could take on board tbh).  Right, so on with the story;

21st October 2010 after a *lot*of flack regarding her 70/30/100% fiction blog relevations (after John Lyon found her guilty of lying on her blog but insufficient evidence (he should read this) to find her guilty of fraud) she said on local TV that she had reported FOUR stalkers to the police… 

That is FOUR stalkers now, not the three in her July letter to Gillian Parker. In November 2010, 3 months after declaring she had already done so, (and following many calls to provide proof of doing so) she finally officially reported her “four stalkers” to the police as Tim Ireland will reveal in full detail shortly. (Interesting to see how long it took the police to investigate, they must have taken her allegations *so* seriously)

Right, where were we?  Oh yes, Bedfordshire Police..  I have always had tremendous respect for the police and indeed wanted to join the force when I left school.  My height was a bit of an issue though and my Dad threatened to disinherit me if I did, so I entered the retail sector instead.  I lost my respect for the police on the night of my foot operation.

In bed, in tremendous pain that night, having been through what I can only describe as a horrific ordeal, two police officers stormed into my bedroom.  They had ordered my frightened children to let them in and asked where I was.  They then attempted to force me to accompany them for a recorded “voluntary interview under caution”. I refused. They threatened to arrest me if I didnt go.  Again I refused, showed them my surgeon’s letter stating that I was to remain in bed for a minimum of 3 days and they left, informing me they would be in touch.  Shaking and crying I phoned my friend David (@Gaijinsan21 – no linking to his account as he has sadly left twitter) who is a criminal lawyer. 

Over the next two days I learned from David that there was absolutely no justification for calling me for an interview under caution.  No justification for recording it and no justification for treating me in such a fashion. With David’s help I sent a series of emails to the police officer in charge, challenging him on this and eventually he admitted that I was merely a witness to an alleged offence.  He settled for a written (emailed) statement from me detailing how, when, where and why I was in contact with Tim Ireland and how it came about that Tim was in Fliiitttwick for the hustings.

He was there at my invitation.  Mine and several other constituents (whom I shall not name here) who were fed up to the back teeth of Nadine’s lies and unaccountability and had been emailing and tweeting each other with ideas of how to record her in action so to speak.  Several days before the hustings I watched a live stream of another hustings event at Goldaming, put online by Tim.  Although the quality was awful it made me think maybe we should do the same with the Flitwick event and so I put the wheels in motion, asking the Chair for her permission etc and twisted Tim’s arm into making the journey.

Tim arrived in Flitwick, not “loaded down with sophisticated camera and recording equipment”  but holding merely a briefcase, I was shocked at how small his equipment was tbh *disappointed face*  😉

To sum up:  Yes I blogged about Nadine Dorries. Yes I tweeted about Nadine Dorries. No, I didnt break the law. No, I didnt lie about her.  Can she say the same about me?

BTW, this made me laugh today.. (Nadine Dorries the Bully, on Bullying)


  1. Knew I should have married you; like your balls lady !! (snigger). Seriously, Nadine is a disgrace to a democratic institution and an embarrassment to all political parties. She is a bully, of THE worst possible kind.
    She welcome to come over to Wales and tell me I’m wrong, we used to sheep over here . . .

    Loves you Humph xxx

  2. […] with Dorries accusations against himself and against Mrs Cushion (which led to vexatious visit from the police while Mrs Cushion was bedridden and in pain, waiting for an operation which Dorries claims Mrs […]

  3. Jeez – I knew you were having a hard time of it back then but had no idea you went through all that! All I can say is that I hope she is shown up for what she really is very soon.

  4. I hereby state categorically that Nadine Dorries does not have Narcissistic Personality Disorder as described by the ICD-10, the DSM or any other reputable manual of psychiatric diagnoses. I do so to obviate the need for Dorries to instruct her lawyers to force a retraction from myself or any other who may feel inclined to such a preposterous and undeserving assessment.

  5. Absolutely APPALLING. Thank goodness you had David to help you, I can only imagine how scary that experience must have been – I hope you’ve had an apology from Bedfordshire police and that the officers involved have been given ‘words of advice’ as they call it. Just when I think my respect for the police can’t get any lower…

    And reminding me why I miss David so much on Twitter :*-(

  6. I am in court later this month, charged under the Communications Act, because of a tweet I wrote. It wasn’t sent to the organisation, and they didn’t follow me – they had snooped on me (as I was involved in a campaign group protesting about their incompetence/deception) and then had the temerity to get offended. It contained no threat and no hint of action, simply my feelings about them (they had basically ruined my life and cost me a lot of money). Three lawyers have stated there was no criminal offence and are shocked it has got this far. This is the length some local government bodies will go to in order to silence criticism.
    My partner is also charged with the same offence, for a tweet he wrote in reply to a friend who was asking what was going on. Absolutely crazy.

    • Get in touch with me on Twitter @mjmilan please Helen… I am one of the people who has been campaigning for @pauljchambers and the #twitterjoketrial (and if you don’t know what the twitterjoketrial is, google it NOW!).

      I would be interested to learn the background of your case.

      Two people you really should make aware of the details of your case are @davidallengreen and @flayman.

      • Hey Martin – I’ve been in touch with Matt, David and Paul over the last few months, and they’ve been absolutely lovely. I’ll see you on Twitter. :o)

  7. To be accurate, it was a case and a backpack, but the backpack was cleverly hiding behind my back at the time. :o)

    Really sorry to hear how hard to police came down on you, Humph. There was no call for it.

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