Where have you been all my life???

Hello lovelies 🙂   Just thought I should “explain myself”!  I haven’t been around much lately owing to the discovery of a place called “Real Life”..  It seems that there is a place where people speak “out loud” to each other #whoknew

Anyway, I’m working 24/7 in a fabulous garden nursery with a crappy internet connection and people with actual faces rather than cartoons.. which is most bizarre.  My feet are still really painful but I think the operation worked as I can weight bear again, I nearly broke into a run today!  

A year ago I hurt my neck, have waited ever since for physiotherapy on it – it’s finally been booked for mid May.. in the meantime, lugging 75litre compost bags about seems to have strengthened it a bit so all being well I can stop walking around with my hand tucked under my chin soon! 

I also seem to have lost my “mojo” for politics. It all got a bit too big for me to handle, the destruction to our services currently being made in the name of austerity has distressed me so much that I have very little fight left.  I truly hope to get back to being the kick-ass girl of last year, perhaps the AV vote will help.  I’ve decided to vote No to AV for one important reason.. Nick Clegg. The man who sold his party out for AV should never be able to justify doing so. In losing the vote, his party will finally wake up to his misguided leadership. In the news today I learnt that “lesser Universities” will not be penalised for charging £9000 for courses as there will be no regulation, despite all the Lib Dem assurances.  So I say NO to AV and NO to the continuation of the Coalition. I also seem to have recovered a little of my fighting spirit.. well I never.. ; )

So that’s me… what have you all been up to?


  1. Glad to see you’ve blown the cobwebs off this blog & got your thoughts down 😉

    I’ve never really understood politics myself but try to read about it & take an interest.

    So happy to see your working & I hope your health stays good for a long time 😉

    Long rule dearest Humph xxx

  2. I tried that real life thing once – it really bit me on the arse….

    Ps. If there was a coalition after the next general election, there’s NO FUCKING CHANCE the lib dems would go anywhere near the tories! Look at the damage they’ve taken from bedding them already!

    Pps. A win for AV is much more likely to piss off the tories, get them slagging off the lib dems, and the lib dems will have to walk out of the coalition

    Ppps. This may be bollocks. I don’t really know anything about politics

  3. We can’t lose the political Humphrey, the world needs you. I said a while ago you would be back, when you were ready and others had been found out. That will still happen, trust me.
    I’m inclined to vote Yes at the moment, because it will be another nail in Cameron’s coffin with the swivel eyed wing of his party.
    Great to hear how things are all getting better in real life, but twitter ain’t the same without you honey. 🙂
    My real life has gone from the usual irritating to spectacularly crap. Almost walked last week, but I’ll grit my teeth. Other people are much worse off.

  4. No to AV because our unrepresentative politicians don’t represent the views of the electorate? Really?

    What a crappy reason to sell out a chance for real change in our political system that is much, much bigger than one man, or even a whole political party!

    AV is probably the only chance we will have in our lifetimes of getting rid of a broken electoral system that only works when there are only 2 candidates.

    Every party ever elected has failed to deliver the bulk of its manifesto & broken promises. Clegg is no different, no better, no worse.

    If you think you want rid of lying politicians then we need to change our electoral system, and that will only happen one step at a time: AV is the only first step we are being offered. It’s not about political parties, but if you want to make it about expressing a political preference, then voting No tells Cameron things are just fine as they are. They’re not.

    Don’t vote if you don’t want to support either Cameron or Clegg, but surely only vote NO if you genuinely think FPTP is a better way of electing politicians.

    (I think you’re wrong, and electoral reform is more important than any politician, so I’ll be voting YES to shout loudly and clearly that things ARE NOT OK as they are, and they all need a massive kick up the arse!)

    • I disagree.. Clegg had the power to push for *real* reform in PR but gutlessly settled for AV, for me its PR or nada.

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