The Mask Is Slipping And What Lurks Behind It is Ugly.. #Conservatives #BigSociety

Are Tory Councillors loose cannon’s? Increasingly we are hearing about Tory councillor’s putting their hand-made size 9’s in it..

A Westminster Tory Councillor has launched a legal case to have a soup kitchen for the homeless banned… his reason?  Free food encourages homelessness…  Daniel Astaire says “soup runs on the streets in Westminster actually encourage people to sleep rough in central London”  .  Quite right!  I for one am packing my handkerchief up and heading for London where the streets are paved with Campbell’s …

Also flying the bigot flag for the Tory’s is the charming John Fareham who is in deep water for stating “the usual collection of retards in the public gallery spoiling it for real people” after a public meeting in which a £65million cuts package was approved. Mr Fareham has since apologised but this is not the first time he has been reprimanded for his thoughtless comments. Last year saw the Lib Dem-run council’s standards committee ordering a written apology from him before sending him on a training course. He was accused of bullying a female aide, stating that she had “lesbian hair”. Danish-born Inga Jorgensen also claims the politician regularly referred to her as “foreigner”, “woman” and “wonk”.

Since taking power, we are seeing the true face of the Tory’s and I for one am finding it extremely ugly indeed!

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  1. Yes, in a word. You’ll find myself and at least one other pointing it out in our local rag.

    Daphne Peaeson tackles the heathcare CIC which soaked up funds and never traded while I ask where the money went on local braodband.

    I’ll tel you about bullying too later, as your interest has been stated


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