Plates of Meat – Part Five #Hardware

Ouch.. no flipping wonder my foot still hurts!  Had X-Rays and have been told off a bit today, I’m not allowed to walk without the crutches for another 6 weeks : *(   and I still have to wear the stupid boot.  On the bright side though, I can bathe again tomorrow *sniffs armpits*, think I got away with it though : )




  1. Hello –

    I found you through a Google search. I thank you for sharing your foot surgery and hope that you can tell me how your Cartiva implant is acting these days. How are you faring?

    I’m considering the surgery and hope to hear from you – please reply to my email? Thank you!

    • Hi Shauna x It’s a few years now since the surgery and I’ve had to have a couple of smaller procedures on it since. I don’t think it will ever be ‘better’ but it’s a big improvement and the excess bone hasn’t grown bank, which I’d feared happening. My main advice would be to have s general anesthetic if you can – I wasn’t offered it and found the operation itself quite traumatic to live through. Yours might not be do involved tho? Best wishes X

  2. Time for you to break the habits of a lifetime and *do as you are told* Missie.

    6 weeks is not so long, and if you don’t use the crutches it will be much longer than that.

    At least you know we will wait on you hand and foot in #Twelfast. (See what I did there)


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