TwitWatchUK – 31st Jan – Week 4 (or should that be Weak… )

Twitwatch UK would have been so much easier this week had I actually spent time on Twitter!  My operation was Tuesday so I was in a funny world of panic in the days leading up to it and have pretty much slept through every day since.  I did manage to pluck a few gems out however..

Jane Blount hit the headlines this week complaining to a radio station ” “My son James Blunt, who is hugely appreciated worldwide, receives harsh criticism here and we have, rather sadly, been aware that it is because of his background”   Nothing to do with the fact he’s a talentless prick then?   He did something right though, in dropping the “O” from his name he provided Twitter with the perfect rhyming slang hashtag opportunity.

Orders are being taken for this year’s must-have toy…  (via @robinbogg)

Just what every child needs, what family isn’t complete without a carriage and corgi after all..

It started with a tweet….  Another bargain that you may have missed out on this week is a piece of magic history, after tweeting a picture of it, Paul Daniels sold one of his toupees on Ebay this week, raising £1100 for charity! 


Which beg’s the question, who on earth would pay £1100 for a ginger toupee?  

The trending topic of the week though seemed to be sexism in sport following the release of taped conversations between two Sky sports presenters.  Sexism in sport, who would’ve thunk?

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  1. What is sexist about that?

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