Nice little learner… #vincecable


Vince Cable has been well and truly caught out by scheming reporters for the Telegraph..  At last we know his true feelings, pity that he had to be tricked into revealing them though, what a shame he didn’t show some integrity and resign over the tuition fees policy.   In being “outed” in this way, rather than standing for what he believes in, I fear his position has been seriously weakened, he is no longer a threat to the coalition, a bit of a laughing-stock if anything. All the better for Danny Alexander, am keeping an eye on him, methinks he aims to replace Nick Clegg within the next two years.

“A Nice Little Learner”..  Arthur Daley played by Vince Cable..  Sherry & Terry played by undercover Telegraph reporters.. Most of Arthur’s lines taken from the Telegraph transcript, the rest may be made up ; )

Terry: “Alwight Arfur? Hows ‘er indoors? Still at it ‘ammer n tongs?”

Arthur:  “Well, there is a constant battle going on behind the scenes”

Sherry: “Aw Arfur, you shouldnt be so ‘ard on ‘er, you luv ‘er really”

Arthur: “I am picking my fights, some of which you may have seen, some of which you may haven’t seen”

Terry:  You know we’re from The Telegraph don’t you?

Arthur:  You played a blinder Terry..


Yeah, I know its a bit crap.. @fulhammatty told me.. *cringe*



  1. I am constantly amazed that girlie giggling will get peeps to show off….. Nuff said Mr Cable, nuff said:)

  2. I wouldn’t mind playing old Vince at poker.. (that’s if I knew how to play poker)

  3. diamond !,

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