Roll Up, Roll Up… Join The Circus..#Twitter

Have been thinking a lot about Twitter over the past few days. Since the ridiculous verdict in the #TwitterJokeTrial, it is apparent that the majority of people still don’t “get” Twitter.

I could be talking to the afore-mentioned judge Jacqueline Davies, the Jeremy Vine show (who still don’t let tweeters join in the live debates, despite promising to do so) or to YOU, yes, YOU…  OK, so you have a Twitter account, but do you “get” it? 

A family member came to see me recently and asked “What is Twitter anyway?”… then, when I explained it roughly to her said “Well, *I* won’t be washing *my* dirty linen in public anyway…   She has it SO wrong.  Yes, some people do use Twitter to discuss their day-to-day events with total strangers “I’m having roast chicken sandwiches for lunch”.. “my boyfriend dumped me” , “have to go on the school-run, bye”.. etc but there is SO much more to Twitter : )

Twitter is the world’s biggest Chat Room..  a place to exchange greetings, jokes, advice and news.. Twitter is a veritable circus tent full of interesting people and topics including; Celebrities, Politicians, TV and Radio shows, Newspapers, photos from space, satire accounts and especially US, the general public, who keep it lively and constantly updated : )

What you get out of Twitter really depends on who you follow.. I don’t tend to follow celebrities, politicians etc now as they generally seem to use Twitter for self-promotion, not engagement.  I keep some of them in lists on my Tweetdeck though, I have lists open for all sorts of topics.  Splitting tweeters into lists makes it easier to follow larger groups of people and also helps to keep topics such as “labour tweets” in one, easy to see view.

Breaking news spreads within minutes round Twitter, we knew about the sad passing of Alex Higgins over half an hour before Wikipedia and almost an hour and a half before the news channels reported it.  Sometimes people spread false RIP rumours though, Twitter’s most recent “victim” was Cilla Black, who IS still with us and shall no doubt be appearing in panto very soon lads and lasses..  Speaking of which, still havent ordered my wigs ; )

In short; Twitter is for chat, debate, sharing news, music, sandwich recipes, videos.. jokes, awareness about issues, raising charity funds, friends..


P.T. Barnum had the right idea.. fill a massive room with the most weird and wonderful attractions on earth, he called it Humbug , I call it Twitter : )

“I’ve joined the circus like I wanted to, when I was a kid.
Climbed aboard before it moved on and you bet your life im glad I did.
Went to bed in Minneapolis, woke up in PA.
Packed my roll, my brush and my comb again,
Ready to roll again, ready to stray.
Bless my soul; I’ll never go home again,
When the circus comes my way…”



  1. Hey MIssus!

    Great post – I’m a relative newcomer to this Twitter gimpery. I don’t post much and I follow relatively few people, but in the short time I have been involved I have “met” some great people and met (real life (shock horror)) incredibly friendly, cool and very welcoming people, now friends.
    Twitter can be serious or can be fun, it can make you smile and cry. (Feisty_onion has just posted something which has popped up in the corner of the screen which made me laugh).
    What I love about twitter, is that its full of real people with real lives which is far more interesting than the endless procession of so called Celebrities on TV. I have stopped watching Mock the Week, Have I got News for You and any of the other gazzillion varients of “Comedy Panel Games” because franky they aren’t funny anymore! They just don’t cut it against the Massed Wits of the Twitterati. The “ordinary” folk on Twitter are not by any stretch of the imagination, ordinary. It is a fantastically rich organic community and I have only just scratched the surface. I look forward to digging deeper!

    Night night Twitter


  2. Great post Humph! Twitter is an education in politics, news, satire, humour. All of this is done with great humour and frequent acts of kindness and support. What is not to love?

  3. How apt you put up a Barnum & Bailey poster, I am a Bailey & I believe a branch of my family originate from the Circus Bailey name.

    I have to thank Lily Allen for getting me into Twitter as I’d heard so much about it & decided to join in mainly following celebs bit over time I’ve built up a stong balance of new online friemds & not so much celebs but authors, journalists & minor celebs who tweet back to you from time to time.

    through conversations I’ve had I’ve mentioned what I do for a living & through it have made a few pounds from it.

    I love Twitter a bit to much & spend fat to much time on it & some Sundays if left to my own devices I can sit on it for 12 hours or more in one sitting.

    I’ve had three authors who have said they have named a character after me after I cheekily suggested it.

    I used to sit in chat rooms in days gone by but Twitter with profile pictures & photographs has made me like I am home on Twitter.

    The only thing I don’t like is that I can only follow 2001 people as not enough follow me back yet but maybe one day I can follow more & make more friendships.

    On a personal note Humph I awake most days & wait to see what the latest profile picture will be & enjoy your friendship & hope to meet up again one day soon xxx

    • That’s another good reason for using lists.. you can follow 500 people per list, you dont have to “follow” them to see their tweets that way. I am pretty sure I follow a few thousand people via my lists, its not ideal but helps!

      (glad you like the pics, I should ve done a clown one for this piece!)

  4. This is all so very true, nothing even remotely like Twitter has been done before in the history of the planet it;s the way people will communicate in the 21st century it;s ground breaking, it;s the posters and pamphleteers of the 15th 16th 17th and 18th century, its the 5 times a day telegrams of the 19th and early 20th century, Twitter is whatever you want it for it;s up to you that;s what;s so fantastic about it. to be involved in this has got to be wonderful. Great post humph

  5. Every single friend or relative I tell about Twitter glazes over before muttering “you sad bastard”. One dayn they’ll recognise me as a visionary pioneer. Just not anytime soon. (Good work Humph btw)

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