16 years ago..

Can’t sleep, the pain is intense, has been all afternoon and evening.  The reason is arthritis attacking my neck bones, the pain is burning, pricking and debilitating. 

16 years ago tonight I was in greater pain, although then I didn’t cry as I knew that very soon I would hold my baby in my arms.  The pain of labour is so intense, so shocking that you truly believe you will die from it.  When at last you expel the mass that has been pressing its way out, the relief is immense.. Then the mass, warm and heavy is placed on your chest.. slightly damp, smeared with blood and you clutch it to you and smile, falling in love in a heart-beat.

The pain fades slowly to be replaced by a different sort of pain, duller and more localised in your nether-go-there-again-or-I’ll-kill-you regions.  The baby cries so you feed her, kiss her head and wonder what on earth have you done.  The responsibility hits you like a brick. Life will never be the same again. 

Now she is 16, I am so proud of my daughter.. grown into a beautiful young lady, she is spunky, comical, opinionated and kind.   This post is for you “Mim”, I love you to bits xxx

"My own little Angel"



  1. Ah, Happy Birthday, baby Humph! xx

  2. Mum and daughter, two peas in a pod.

    I hope you both enjoy this special day.

    Love to you both.

  3. Beautifully written. Took me straight back to 3/3/90, 1/5/95 & 16/4/06 when I was on the receiving end of the screamed entreaty “Never touch me again, bastard!”, rapidly replaced by overwhelming love for the small, warm, damp, sticky bundle of joy. Happiest of Happy Memories. Happy Birthday Young lady 🙂

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