This is a post I hoped I wouldn’t have to write.  On Monday the 8th of November this was posted on the blog of Nadine Dorries as “evidence” that Nadine had not in fact as stated by David Allen Green, “attacked a constituent”, but had in fact “attacked a political candidate”.

The freezepage which features my photograph and personal email address was one taken from a free blog that I had set up after attending my first and only CLP meeting in September.  At that same meeting nominations were taken for candidates for the local election, I volunteered immediately.  It has long been an ambition of mine to be a councillor and my intention was to take a politics degree, hopefully moving up in the ranks over time, forging a long-term career for myself.

Regrettably, that career choice has been taken from me due to the lies and smears that have been made about me.  I have advised my Chairman that I can no longer stand for council and have deleted the Facebook and Twitter accounts that I set up for our CLP, along with the blog.  I will not allow my efforts to support the local party to be used against them in future elections.

Last night I posted this page on my Labour Blog… Ending…


  1. This might interest you.

    Got the link from this Facebook page!/blacktriangle1

    When Nadine attacked the ones that are disabled by there ability to tweet so many numbers of tweets she attacked the whole disabled community and in effect and in my opinion broke the law thats been stated.

  2. What? You’ve only been to 1 CLP meeting and you think you have the right to become a councilor? That’s the problem with AWSL it let in careerists with no party loyalty at the expense of hardworking long time members. Your naive self-centered, self-pitying and self-indulgent behaviour has shown why more care needs to be taken when shortlisting candidates worthy of representing the labour Party.

    • Yes I do! I am a constituent of Mid Beds and as such I DO have the right to stand for council, as an independant or as a political representative.

      Particularly in Mid Beds where there are currently NO Labour councillors at all, it is important to have as many candidates as possible to fight for EVERY seat.

      How insulting to democracy for you to suggest that I or anyone else does not have the right to do so..

  3. Just a thought, maybe she thinks you’re not a constituent because she’s not…

  4. I love reading your ‘tweets’ and blogs Ms Cushion – you and Sally Bercow are the only genuinely witty people I’ve found on Twitter. And there’s no doubt that you’ve been unfairly treated by the evil witch of Nardinia. But rest assured, she’ll get hers. Please excuse my colourful language.

  5. This is really sad. However, as others have said your time will come.

  6. Everybody has already said it, but your time will come.

    Remember, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. And as Dorries already knows, you are both stronger and better than her.

    Time is on your side, as is being right. And so are many, many people.

  7. Im not into supporting any political party, but as an individual I feel it is a huge shame that your local community is loosing your many talents all because of a sustained smear campaign by a sitting MP. I hope you can find a way to be active in your community and serve them with your skills and over all, sense of humour.
    Chin up!

  8. I still find it very hard to believe that Dorries does not regard someone as a constituent because that person happens to be a political candidate of an opposing party. Even the chairman of the Mid Beds Labour party is a constituent. What a silly woman.

  9. Sorry to hear you have had to withdraw, as I think you would be a good candidate and councillor. Another black mark against Nad.

  10. This is a crying shame, it’s very noble of you to put the interests of your party before your own career choice, and it’s so wrong that you have been forced to make that choice. But I agree with the comment above, once Dorries is discredited for good you should follow your conscience and stand again. Good luck!

  11. Must have been a tough decision to make, especially because it feels like Dorries has won. Maybe it’s best to step back for a bit at the moment, because one day soon she will rightly be out on her ear, and then who will believe what she’s said? Stay positive and don’t give up on your goals forever.

  12. This really is a crying shame, you would be such an asset to the local community. Hopefully when Dorries is long gone you can continue.

  13. I think you should carry on when Dorries is discredited for good

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