A Vigil for #Ashtiani…

It works, we work!  But we need to keep the pressure on. This Sunday, 7th November there will be a peaceful, hour-long,  silent vigil held at the Iranian Embassy 16 Prince´s Gate, London  SW7 1PT starting at 16.00. 

Candles will be lit in support of Ashtiani and her family.   If you can attend, which I sincerely hope you can..  please bring tea lights or candles in jars as we shall leave them there when we leave. 

We understand from Amnesty International that the son and lawyer of Ashtiani have also been arrested, their current whereabouts and physical condition unknown.


Press release yesterday:

An immediate and worldwide public outcry followed an urgent press release by the International Committees against Stoning and Execution giving notice of Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s imminent execution. Shortly thereafter more than half a million people sent letters of protest, there were two million tweets on Sakineh, and rallies and events were held in a number of cities.
The International Committees against Stoning and Execution issued the press release after receiving credible information attesting to the plan to execute her on 3 November. Reliable sources within Iran confirmed having seen the actual execution order sent from Tehran to Tabriz prison’s office of sentence implementation and also seen Sakineh’s name on a blacklist of those to be imminently executed.
The Islamic Republic of Iran often executes people without any public warning or notice and even without informing lawyers and family members in order to avoid local and international condemnation. According to the International Campaign for Human Rights, at least 23 people have been executed these past few days alone without any official announcement.


** Updated 8th November 2010 **








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  2. Can’t be there in person but wil lbe there in spirit.

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