How was it for you… ?

Derby was bloody marvellous…!  Wish you could have all come but space was a little bit limited.. maybe next time, Wembley Stadium?

The trip started off with me collecting @Feisty_Onion from the station, getting rather lost through us talking so much and so arriving a hour late to be embraced by the most welcoming hotel and people ever..

Onion & Humph


We had a little rest (my feet were killing me from the drive) and then joined @ADMaclennan, @IainMonty and @lesleyalmost at the bar.    Soon we were joined by Mr & Mrs @Ivan_Jelical, she was so brave to come having never spoken to any of us before!  Finally we spotted @SteDoubleu lurking at the bar.. we were all there : )  Dinner and drinkies followed, the beer of choice ran out  *cough* although the kitty did not. 


Stephen, Lesley, Onion & Iain

We were asked by the very patient staff if we could clear off as it was past their bed-time so reluctantly stomped off to bed, re-grouping for breakfast and lunch where we were joined by the fabulously funny @MartinB1884 😀

Jane, Iain, Lesley and Neill (Ivan)


PIE !!!!


Martin & Andy

As I suspected, it felt as though we had known each other for years, there was never a dull moment.. we laughed, we drank a “little”, we hugged and had a marvellous time..  Roll on Xmas, we’re headed towards the Big Smoke for that one though : )

I’ve asked all the attendees to sum the event up for me in 140 characters.. you ve heard mine so here are their views of #Derby:

@ADMaclennan  A strange but great occasion, meeting for the first time people who were somehow already good friends. They were equally nice in person.

@lesleyalmost Derby? A surprise and no surprise at all. Seeing faces not avatars. Speaking and not typing, voices, laughter and fun. Warmth and smiles.

@SteDoubleu  Brill night out with some *real* characters. Discovered that “Tayto’s” isn’t slang for boobs but is in fact a brand of potato crisps

@Feisty_Onion  8 Twitter friends but real-life strangers met in Derby. They drank the inn dry, kept the waiters up and laughed like loons.

@Ivan_Jelical  Make the weekend fly by, meet 8 twitter friends for the 1st time in a pub, add booze & let the fun begin. Just so sad to leave though.

@IainMonty  Magic weekend with fantastic people who are proper friends. Laughs, eats and conversations that are just as good in *real* life as in tweets

I LOVE this one from @MartinB1884  Sunday dinner with drinks, laughs, serious discussion and doppelgänger spotting. This wasn’t 140 characters- this was 7 lovely characters.

Onion & Andy


  1. […] year, I have even made real-life friends through it, “tweeting up” locally and in Derby. Blogging kept me sane and allowed me to explore writing styles and share my sense of humour in […]

  2. […] and I had a blast. The lovely @HumphreyCushion wrote a post that summed it all up for me – Do me a favour when reading the post, ignore all pics of me as, oh dear, I don’t photograph […]

  3. Great post Humph (and well done on subtle pics – *mwah*).

    I echo what everyone has said so far and can’t wait to meet everyone again. Twotpals are real friends and don’t let anyone tell you any different:)

    I am so glad I did something a bit ‘out there’ for me, I had a blast and love all of you lots!!


  4. It couldn’t have gone better. It felt weird for five minutes until you felt entirely at home – you knew these people already, and in real life they were much as you’d come to know them on Twitter (i.e. friendly, witty and great). Already looking forward to London and other occasions, and the chance to meet up with more of our little community, I have a few names in mind!

    Oh, and nice picture of me and the Onion at the end 🙂

  5. We’re all agreed that that was reasonable way to spend a weekend, then? 😉

  6. It was just a fantastic weekend. If anyone has any doubts about meeting your twitter friends don’t, it was just so much fun and they are REAL friends 🙂

    • Even crazy Yankee twitter friends who think they are a grown-up Alice in Wonderland are not *completely* imaginary. =D I consider you a REAL friend, Neill, and all of you who met in Derby. Hope everyone considers me in the same way.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Andrew Maclennan, Humphrey Cushion. Humphrey Cushion said: How was it for you…? : #Derby […]

  8. Aww, I *love* this! Would love to have been there, too. You’re all so sweet and funny. Would have had to” translate into Yankee” a lot for me, though–I’m thinking. ^_^

    • Tbh, I hardly understood a word anyway.. they are nearly all Celtic! I just nodded and grinned.. think I got away with it ; )

      • You’re hilarious, Humph! =D Oh, those magical Celts! You’re all delightful. Some day we will meet. I vow it! *crosses heart*

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