A Vegan response to Porkie Pies..

Email received today from well known vegan Kerry Mc Carthy MP in response to this Porkie Pies “article” by Nadine Dorries..

“Further to Nadine Dorries’ latest blogpost,which you’ve brought to my attention (I’m not a reader!) I can confirm that I did exchange a couple of emails with the Mail of Sunday a few weeks ago when they approached me, and in those I said that you had never been employed by the Labour Party or a Labour MP in either a paid or voluntary capacity. The Labour Party, I understand, also confirmed this when they were asked.

I told the journalist that although I wasn’t aware of the set-up in Mid Beds CLP these days, I thought it was extremely unlikely that such a constituency would have a paid organiser or website administrator. I also pointed out that even a city the size of Bristol doesn’t have one, and that the Bristol website is run by volunteers, which is the norm. I’ll forward you the emails to confirm this is what was said. *has done*

Also, I understand from a conversation I had recently with Kelvin Hopkins, MP for Luton North, that Nadine raised this with him and he told her that Bedfordshire Labour Party does not have a paid organiser and that he didn’t know who or what she was talking about!

So… I don’t know why she is saying these things. Perhaps it’s part of the 70% she’s referred to recently?”



I have a couple of comments to add to this in regard to the Labour Party and Mid Beds CLP.

“the Labour party organiser for Mid Beds and according to the Mid Beds Labour party web sitethe Labour Prospective Candidate for Mid Beds, gave an interview to my esteemed local paper”

OK, there is no “Mid Beds Labour Party web-site” to the best of my knowledge, which is why I started a free forum blog page for them last month. I assume it is this “website” that Ms Dorries is referring to here.

Secondly, I am not “the Labour Prospective Candidate for Mid Beds” although, as I told the BOS reporters (tipped off by *somebody* to come to MY HOUSE)  a few weeks ago, I was a NOMINATED candidate for the upcoming 2011 Central Beds LOCAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS.  I believe that there are 33 seats being contested and although my bottom is large, even with my two Bottoms I couldnt possibly cover 33 seats!

Picture taken as part of #altff last month.

Lastly, the only reason the BOS has a snapshot of the blogpost which featured my name, bio and photograph (removed before the so-called “Guido Expose”)  is because *someone* gave it to them on the day I informed Ms Dorries that my personal information is confidential.  Coincidence much?


  1. @IainMonty: stop trying to change the subject.
    Fact: Nadine Dorries Cleared. That’s it. All done. What police investigation? Evidence?
    Fact: Kerry McCarthy Cautioned after admitting a criminal offence against deomcracy (representation of the people act). Misjudgement? Maybe, but a crime against democracy none the less.
    Fact: Complaints against Dorries raised by BNP
    Fact: MsHumphreyCushion, Tim Ireland and others have co-operated in a scheme to blacken Nadine Dorries name.

    It’s okay to disagree with her. I don’t believe all that she does. It is not okay to sit around accusing her of lying and to stalk her. She has the votes. You have the nasty.

    I have not abused anyone on this blog – and that’s why you publish my comments.It might actually attract the odd reader if a real debate got going. Unlike Tim Ireland (I apologise for calling him Timmy if it made him cry) who will not allow critical comments.

    For Dorries, I think the bar is higher – as an elected official she is likely to face security concerns which others do not. That’s a fairly well understood fact. You can still email her. And she can take her own decisions as to whether it is good use of her time and the country’s money to respond to them.

    • tompaine
      “as an elected official she is likely to face security concerns which others do not”…
      Possibly, but I used to deal wtih Angela Smith MP for Basildon who was given the task of co-running Northern Ireland when the assembly was suspended. Admittedly the IRA had laid down arms, but the Real IRA were still in full flow and it was piss easy to call up Angela, visit her surgery, e-mail her or even meet with her.
      Nadine’s spurious claims of stalking have yet to be shown to be true… convenient – oh yes, but true? Possibly only 30% true methinks… like her blogging.

      She really should join forces with Jeffrey Archer… they would get on like a house on fire (well, one of two houses of course, with one being in a location which can’t be revealed in case “dark forces” encourage an MP to top herself due to the strenuous questioning by the media about expenses…)

  2. I’ll leave this here as I can’t leave it on Dorries site, nor on Iains, as he’s killed it moments after approving it..


    “So Nadine likes to keep her constituents updated with 70% fiction… http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-11597664
    Ah, how sweet. That’s what we need – another MP like, say, Jeffrey “Done Time for Perjury” Archer…

    No wonder the two of you get on so well Iain. ”

    Posted by Carl Eve to Iain Dale’s Diary at October 21, 2010 3:29 PM

    Does Iain not like Archers’ books then.

    I also notice “travers” didn’t reply to my line about what I knew about libel on one of your earlier posts MSH… shame.

  3. tompaine Is that your best shot?
    “a crime against democracy”? I think you’ll find that a minority Government lieing about the causes of a deficit and the severity of it, to justify an ideological attack is the crime.
    Try dealing with that rather than defending a self-confessed liar like Dorries. An MP who deliberately prevents any responses to the self-serving rubbish on her blog. Yet happily reveals names and addresses to her blogger friends and the press, to put pressure on her critics and their families.

  4. That’s come as a relief. I was worried I might have been consorting with Socialists.

  5. Kerry McCarthy: Witness of truth?
    Or someone cautioned for a crime against democracy?
    CF Nadine Dorries: Cleared of all charges levelled by a facist and spread by people who claim not to be Labour.
    And you do have the right to reply: All over the the sqaulid corner of the blogosphere you inhabit.
    How many Labour MPs do not allow comments or moderate negative comments out? Hell, Timmy Ireland doesn’t allow negative comments on his website.
    It is to your credit that you do, but don’t let that go to your head….

    • Right then.. Kerry Mc Carthy made an error of judgement for which she immediately reported herself and apologised. It is to her credit that she did so and didnt fight the caution, as many others may have done.

      Nadine Dorries was NOT cleared of all charges, she was found guilty of not reporting changes of address.. and that is clearly written in the PSC report. If you look at the House of Twits vote tonight you will see that people from ALL political persuasions have voted YES to censuring her blog.

      I cant answer about Labour MPs blogs, so that is a silly question to ask me!

      Tim Ireland’s blog is his own business.. I am sure he will answer for himself however, abusive comments have no place on any blog in my opinion and I will NOT publish the worst of them.

      I dont let anything go to my head, you obviously dont have the slightest comprehension of what/who I am at all.

    • I dont read Labour MPs blogs but I doubt they admit to actually lying on them as Dorries does. She questions a labour opponents Iraqi war service, then wants to canonize the troops. She needs to calm down and engage brain before mouth. Unlike Ms Cushion who replies with well thought out, sincere, truthful replies.

    • As a point of information, I’m not a Labour member, supporter, sympathiser or apologist. The Conservative Party can do so much better than Ms Dorries as is admirably shown in dozens of other constituencies.

    • I’d reply, but I’m too overcome with emotion at being called ‘Timmy’. The tears won’t stop flowing.

    • Crime against democracy? Like for example electoral fraud? Dorries put her address on the candidate registration form as in Mid-Beds, which according to her evidence to the commissioner was untrue.

      As for being cleared of all charges, you’ve conveniently ignored the still ongoing police investigation.

      The woman can’t lie straight in bed, if you want to defend that it’s your business. But please try to get the facts right in amongst the rhetoric.

  6. Keep your chin up and your head held high hun. We know truth from fiction here:)

  7. It infuriates me that Dorries can hoodwink her constituents and supporters with her blog. She can write anything she wants on it and no-one has the right to reply, be they supporters or opponents. She can write whatever she wants, even make things up…oh wait…

    Keep standing up for yourself, Humph, the truth will out!

  8. The thing i’m strugglung with is finding the 30% truth in her posts…

    Oh, and it seems i was right about her getting off on the amount of hits her blog is getting 😦 Maybe someone can start a blog and copy/paste? Then we don’t give her hits and we can pick her posts to bits to find the 70/30 split?

  9. This is just hilarious:


    via @DickMandrake , well spotted!!

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  11. …And there was me thinking “absolutely every word on Dorries’ blog was true”. Perhaps she uses the ratio in place before Friday of 70% fiction/30% fact? Pity she has disallowed any comment on her blog, so there is no opportunity to raise legitimate questions, needing clarification

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