Please call me Humph…

Dear Twitter,

Some UNFOUNDED accusations have been made about me today and my real name has been exposed, I won’t link to them or respond at this time other than to say..

Please call me Humph…   I love my Twitter name as much as I hated the childhood nickname “Humphrey Cushion” , endowed on me when I was about eleven.  Although I VERY verbally disagreed with them at the time, now – with hindsight, I can see they had a good point!  Thankfully, I grew into my nose in time : )

Spot The Difference..

Much love, your Humph xx


  1. […] on the background to this situation here; Dorries’ attack came days after Ms Cushion (she prefers “Humphrey Cushion” over “Sue” or “Ms Cullen”) had complained […]

  2. You look lovely to me. So does the one on the right

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