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They Work For You?

Taken from the website “They Work For You” this morning..

OK, lets try via Nadine’s website, which shows this address:
And get this reply:

Nadine Dorries MP
Mid Bedfordshire


Many thanks for your email – the Office of Nadine Dorries MP aims to respond to constituents within three weeks of receipt of a letter.

Due to the high volume of emails my office receive, I can only respond to constituents requesting advice or representation who write in to the following address;

Mid Bedfordshire Conservative Association
St Michael’s Close
High Street
Bedfordshire SG17 5DD

If you are a constituent requiring urgent assistance, or to book an appointment at one of my regular surgeries across the constituency, please call 01462 811449.

For all other enquiries, please contact the Westminster office on 0207 219 5928.

Nadine Dorries
MP for Mid Bedfordshire


David Cameron, The Guardian, “New Politics”  Monday 25 May 2009

“If we want people to have faith and get involved, we need to defeat this impression by opening politics up: making everything transparent, accessible – and human. And the starting point for reform should be a near-total transparency of the political and governing elite, so people can see what’s being done in their name”.

Ms Cushion  – 7th October2010

No comment…


  1. Just a thought but would it not be fun for the local Labour Party to announce that they would accept e-mails from constituents needing help, print them off and pop them through the local tories’ letterbox? It leaves her with 3 options as I see it:

    1. Reinstate the e-mail facility (the sensible option and therefore least likely)
    2. Give Labour the credit for helping her constituents.
    3. Refuse to accept the letters.

    I really can’t see a down side to this.

  2. […] Dorries is the Conservative MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, a post she has held since her election in […]

  3. Well what can you say? Disgraceful really…….

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