Boobie Wednesday.. for Heather x

This is not the post I was going to write today, I intended to (and started) a very silly one about Michael Gove being “Martini Man”.. (anytime, any place, anywhere..)   Twitter interrupted.  I slowly started to become aware of boobie avatars appearing.. male and female so I had a look at their hashtag #boobiewednesday..

Boobie Wednesday was started by “two crazy twitter chicks” in America just over a year ago. The idea of the hashtag is not to perve at women’s knockers but to create awareness about breast cancer and encourage women to perform a weekly examination. I lost my best friend to breast cancer, dont let the same thing happen to you. Spread the word..

Here are the 8 main things to look out for.. (men, I’m talking to you too – men also die of breast cancer, I kid you not)

A lump or thickening in or near the breast or in the underarm that persists through the menstrual cycle.
A mass or lump, which may feel as small as a pea.
A change in the size, shape, or contour of the breast.
A blood-stained or clear fluid discharge from the nipple.
A change in the feel or appearance of the skin on the breast or nipple (dimpled, puckered, scaly, or inflamed).
Redness of the skin on the breast or nipple.
An area that is distinctly different from any other area on either breast.
A marble-like hardened area under the skin.

If you have a partner, why not make it a regular event you share together?  You never know where it may lead ; )

Boobie Wednesday Blog


  1. great post thanks

  2. Straight outta Cute Overload, a Cats ‘n’ Racks post! I approve muchly. *snuggles in with the kitten*

  3. Humphrey Cushion said: “I hereby promise to inflict my boobies on you every Wednesday”.

    What, only on a Wednesday? Not good enough!

    In all seriousness, it’s not a bad idea at all.

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