A message from a friend…

Yet again, I’ve been moved to tears by a fellow tweeter with a hidden illness. Tonight, I received this message…

Humph, hello x

I know you’re a bit snowed under, so I appreciate you taking the time to read this. I’ve just (about 2 hours ago) popped on to Twitter for the first time since Weds and I was so shocked to see what’s been going on! It looks like you’re handling the whole sorry situation *amazingly*. I hope you are okay, it must be a little overwhelming, but I am chuffed that you are getting so much support.

It’s funny, because one of the reasons that I haven’t been on there or FB for a few days is that I’ve been off sick for 8 weeks & a ‘colleague’ commented that I seem to be managing to keep up with Twitter & FB okay. Silly cow. She doesn’t get that most of the time I Tweet laying down because I’m in too much pain to move. And I don’t mention being poorly, because I don’t want to moan. It happened to coincide with me going to stay at a friend’s to get some more fun times for (childs name removed) while I rest, so I thought I’d stay off for a while anyway, but I’ll be back & adding my name to the #TeamHumph campaign soon.

Anyway, my time at home has been made immeasurably more pleasant by Twitter – and that includes your brilliantly entertaining Tweets & pics. So not only is your Twitter use helping you through a difficult time, you are helping me too.

Have got to wait till November to see my consultant (it’s a chronic thing, my last ‘flare’ was 10 years ago – I was seen & operated on within 3 weeks back then, so this wait has been a bit of a shock). Anyway, just wanted to let you know I’m thinking of you & I think this is going to work out great for you. So sorry you’ve been the focal point of such ignorance. Take care. Team Humph FTW!



( The reason I havent published her name is that she wishes to remain hidden.. )


  1. After seeing the uproar that a certain female conservative has caused via Twitter I feel I have to voice my views for what it’s worth.

    Twitter has helped me improve my social skills. I’ve had a lot of emotional upheaval in my life, losing a twin sister, mother, failed marriages and relationships, a brush with death and male rape.

    I wouldn’t class myself as agoraphobic but outside in crowds I can’t handle it and I really only function best on a one to one basis. Having had a lot of emotional baggage I find myself very close to tears when things are going against me and the first sign of confrontation I go to bits and become very scared and through no fault of my own if someone is speaking to me and it’s of little or no interest I tune out and I can’t control it which can create negative attitude from others.

    On Twitter I become a happy go lucky character and I truly believe those that follow me follow me for my words and chat rather than build up follower numbers. I don’t class myself as disabled or with a disability but through Twitter I no longer feel alone in my world and if I’m having a bad day sooner rather than later someone will cheer me up with comforting words.

    I’ve even managed to meet some of my Twitter friends and subjects I thought I could never understand I am learning about. For me Twitter is a life line that has saved me from myself and I can only thank all my Twitter friends for there ongoing friendships and long may they last to aid my recovery back to normality.

  2. Team Humph. I like that. Proud to be a member.

  3. Is it just me, or does anyone else find it amusing that these critics including Dorries, who apparently don’t approve of social media users, seem to know right away whenever we’re on it?

    How much time do they spend checking us out? Do they not have work to do?

    Humphrey, you have been an absolute star through all this and I hope I’m counted as one of your friends who will help you deal with this.

    I intend to do some more on this in my *slightly posher* real life. Will keep you posted. 🙂

  4. Its odd that people who dont use social networking criticize it, ie “a ‘colleague’ commented that I seem to be managing to keep up with Twitter & FB okay” It seems a kind of jealousy, its ok if you’ve been staring at the ceiling or watching TV all day your ill, but type “hello” to someone and your as fit as a fiddle. Life is about communicating, its human nature. I find it overwhelming to read the support your getting Ms Cushion, You know you’ve got mine

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