The Gob of Nadine Dorries MP…

Nadine Dorries’ discriminatory remarks on her blog yesterday Twitter Obsession  and Guido Expose  were not only mis-informed and inflammatory but extremely offensive to the people they were aimed at. Here are a selection of blog-posts and other articles written in response to the “Honourable Lady” (Freeze pages courtesy of @dnotice )

Post by @charonqc Nadine Dorries MP – a sufferer of *kneejerkitis*, *callousitis* or just *stupiditis*?

  @Nadine Dorries  via @bellacat

 Nadine Dorries on “Nutters”    via @serialinsomniac

 @Mr Neurosceptic

 On Dorries, Harris, Cushion and Japanese Prisoners of War…….. via @lindylooz

 I’m Close To Despair Is It Just Me!?! via @DisabilityXpe

The displeasure is all mine (and the thousands of others) via @Joanne_C

Future notes

@Hellsbells265  “Why is Nadine Dorries so belligerent? “

 @credo “It’s time for Nadine Dorries to stop saying things, in public”

Nadine Dorries Takes Revenge on Twitter Critic: Uses Paul Staines to Push Smear by Richard Bartholomew

Another crack of the whip from an ignorant Tory  by Cathy Reay

Why Nadine Dorries posts about Twitter were worse than you think by Dick Mandrake

Ms Cushion’s Misfortune  by Richard Lyle

Frequent tweeting doesn’t make one a benefit cheat, Nadine Dorries Guardian article by Lucy Glennon

The Honourable Member Should Know Better.. by @Splottdad

Twitter, Disabled People, and Benefit Fraud? on Disability Voices by Writer in a wheelchair

And In Other News  by Mr Plug a fellow constituent

Sit in the corner and keep quiet. Lessons disabled people can learn from Nadine Dorries.  by @mindinflux

Why Nadine Dorries is wrong – aka Twitter saved my sanity by Caron

She simply doesnt know when to stop  by @thespiderplant

@Nadine Dorries  by Seaneen

How I let Nadine Dorries get me down  by  @bridgetorr

Dorries, Disability and Benefit from Journal of Medical Ethics blog

Threats and Fear. by Incurable Hippie

What do you think Mr Cameron? by @samedifference1

Wrestling Emily Dickinson  via @adamfishpoet

Just mind your own damn business Nadine Dorries by @HarpyMarx

Tory MP: Disabled shouldnt tweet or go to the pub by the real daae

Nadine Norries and the perils of saying too much by Beatrice Bray

Please let me know if I have missed any…


  1. […] list of articles out there in the blogophere discussing Nadine Dorries’ recent comments on this post of her […]

  2. I know people who live in Liverpool and know the REAL Dorries and they have made comments even complained to Cameron. No reply of course ! Think it needs a huge number of people to write to Cameron and keep on and on at him and maybe just maybe he might think—-has to have some substance all these complaint’s.
    She is a pathological liar sticks out a mile in past blogs.
    I urge all readers to send emails to Cameron. She should be asked to resign.
    And to think her latest conquest ie John Butler ( god help him ) let the world know of his wife’s problem. Dorries has far more problems than she could ever have.

    • My email to David Cameron for help was ignored, disgraceful considering he himself promised us “greater transparency and accountability”.

  3. […] for more historical context on this, here's humphreycushion's similar list of blog posts that followed Dorries' recent disablist comments. Tagged as: blog, john lyon, nadine dorries, parliament, politics, standards Leave a comment […]

  4. I need to do something to try and upset Nadine Dorries.

    Seems to be no better way at the moment of getting lots of traffic to your blog than that!

  5. There’s one on the BMJ medical ethics blog:

  6. So what there are thousands of offensive reactionary left wingers who don’t know what life is like.

  7. […] Ms Cushion has now put together a list of all the blogs and articles written in response to Nadine so […]

  8. I said my piece on Nadine:

    Nadine Norries and the perils of saying too much

  9. Here’s another one for you!

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