The Delightful Ms Dorries..

And what would the charming Ms Dorries make of her Chairman replying to Mr Ireland in such a manner and John Balls ridiculing both Ireland and Linda Jack you might ask?  This is her extremely dignified response…

Posted Sunday, 26 September 2010 at 15:10
My association is an election winning machine run by my Chairman, Andy Rayment and Deputy Chair Political, Steve Male.
Both are busy men and run the association in a regimented and disciplined manner.
As focused driven individuals, neither Andy or Steve suffer fools lighlty.
So when a ‘nutter’ began bombarding my association with telephone calls and emails, this made me laugh out loud
I have heard that when a copy of this was leaked to my local newspapers, in indignation, it caused much mirth in the newspaper offices too.
So, my former Lib Dem opponent carries handcuffs around in her handbag. I’m not even going to ask….


Taken from the  gob sorry blog of Ms Dorries.. link here :


  1. *UPDATE* The blog post of Nadine Dorries I originally linked to from 2010 (and indeed most of her 2010 entries) has, in the past few weeks, been deleted. “Curiouser and Curiouser” said Alice.. 29/12/2013

  2. […] would say, “saved your bacon” with the local party on more than one occasion.  He also ignored pleas for help from one of your victims critics on your behalf, so he is clearly a good and loyal […]

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